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Aud and Aggie

I'll never let this go

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well, aggie and aud no longer live together, in our little house in the middle of so many hot boys. our old neighbors now live in our house, which makes us want to cry. our cute purple porch and living room, yellow kitchen, our fuzzy pillows and the sign on the bathroom door are no longer ours. aud, for the longest time, accidentally drove there sometimes, thinking that is where she still lived. aggie now lives in muncie (which is aud's hometown) in a huge apartment, and aud finally has come back home. she lives in the most beautiful house you have seen, and is currently calling it all her own.

this is us:

this is us!

aggie and aud are still the best of friends, and even when lj announced that accounts were finally free, we decided to keep this original one. sthparkroomies. good memories.

lots of love and kisses,
.:aud:. & *~aggie~*

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Starbucks is love.

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